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Just like any other non-profit, donations are imperative to the stability of the organization, and The Caraway Foundation is no exception. We not only seek monetary donations, we welcome someone to give us their time and talent(s). The presence of someone means much more to those we serve and to us. So, not only give us your treasure; give us your time and talent.


Time is valuable and we Thank You for giving us your time. We seek mentors, experts, volunteers that want to spend time with our youth and those in our Village of STRENGTH program. We have found that our youth blossom when they are partnered with or visited by someone that is opened to sharing their time with them. Please contact our office to Volunteer.


The Caraway Foundation loves to partner with resources that can assist with their mission and projects. We seek assistance with our website, social media, events assistance, etc. If you can offer your talents to assist the Foundation with any of their programs, please contact the office to offer your Talent.


Time and Talent is definitely invaluable... and your treasure is certainly welcome. The Foundation operates off of sponsorships, grants, and donations. Donations can be program specific and/or non-specific to the work we are doing.


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