Our Staff

Angela Caraway

Executive Director

Angela is the founder/executive director of The Caraway Foundation since its inception in 2007. Angela has over 25 years working in the nonprofit industry by working with several nonprofits in Washington, DC. When Angela moved back to North Carolina in 2003, she had a strong desire to do more for her community. Though it took four years for Angela to create the Foundation, she knew that she had to do more. Through the connections she has obtained over the years, Angela leveraged those connections and have created several opportunities for the community and for others to donate their time, talent, and treasure. Angela continues to find new ways to raise money to support The Caraway Foundation and its programs.

Timeka Carelock

Assistant VP, Village of Strength

Timeka has worked with The Caraway Foundation since 2016. She focuses on the Village of STRENGTH programs and outreach. She enjoys working with those with chronic illnesses by providing information on various programs locally or state wide. Timeka’s role is to manage the support groups that are held monthly, ambassador program, and partnership development. Timeka has experienced being a caregiver and is living with lupus. As someone who knows what it takes to be on both sides, Timeka encourages many to live their best lives and to be HAPPY through it all.

Kendra Buchanon

Operations Manager

Kendra has ALWAYS had a love for children and one day she decided to open an in-home day care facility. With such a strong love for kids, it was a natural fit to have her be part of the team. Kendra brings many years of customer service and professionalism towards the youth that we serve and to their parents. With over 20+ years of caring for kids, Kendra knows what it takes to keep them calm, positive, and encouraged.

Sarah Burns

Director, Outreach

A retired educator with over 40 years experience, Sarah knows exactly how to relate to our youth and their parents. As the Director of Outreach, Sarah works directly with the school system to identify students who need our services – specifically our refurbished computer award. She oversees a program that provides a refurbished computer to any household that has at least one 3rd grader and does not have a working computer. Since inception of this program, The Caraway Foundation, through the supervision of Sarah, she has assisted over 500+ households with a computer. This program is very important to Sarah and she has grown it to be one of the top programs in the community

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